Pharmaceutical Laboratory

The future of the medicine manufacture produced form here(GREETING)

Mitsuba Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965 based on importing and selling pharmaceutical raw materials from overseas as a main project. At the first stage, we imported a suppository base "WITEPSOL" from Germany. As the result of making our effort to study and develop it, "WITEPSOL" has been recognized by a number of pharmaceutical companies and has come to be used by them as a suppository base for therapeutical supp. and for O. T. C.

On the other hand, we have set our eyes on natural phisiologically active substance, its integrated works from collecting urine to extracting in China by cooperating with Chinese partner companies. We have imported its raw materials.
Making effective use of our long experience, this time we have established our own pharmaceutical laboratory to produce bulk "Human Menopausal Gonadotorophin" which is contained in urine of menopausal female.

Our pharmaceutical laboratory is the newest factory with two clean rooms, one animal breeding room and one examination room which are completed to standardize amended G. M. P. through strict quality control.
A bulk drug which is purified is to be supplied to a pharmaceutical company, then it administrate to a patient who suffers from infecundity as an injection at a hospital. Mitsuba Trading Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Laboratory, all of us will step endlessly aming at more useful study and development of a new medicine.


Each rooms are collectively controlled by computer acording to the standards of GMP and are managed sanitarily for 24 hours.

Clean room
Animal breeding room

We are equipped fully with many apparatus for analysis, and perform a quality examination. From now on, we are continuing efforts to manufacture of "the medical supplies which a visitor can use, feeling easy."

Examination room