Pharmaceutical D/P

The base of peculiar technology and materials offer

MITSUBA TRADING was established in 1965.The pharmaceutical department was one of three sales departments in the company, and began with the business of importing bulk drugs. Since 1969, the department's primary product has been suppository-based Witepsol, [manufactured and] sold pursuant to an exclusive arrangement. Mitsuba Trading was the only company able to supply this suppository-based product at that time. Sales of this product have grown significantly in Japan as a treatment of quadriceps contracture- an adverse drug reaction to injections of antipyretic in infants. Witepsol is now one of our leading products and promises to be a key component of our product line in the future.

Over the years, MITSUBA has developed its own unique technology to isolate the bulk substance from women's urine which is used to treat infertility.

The company has expanded beyond its original business of importing bulk drugs, and now also has an established laboratory with the highest standards for quality control, allowing for the manufacturing division to play a vital role in the pharmaceutical department. The company's manufacturing business also makes it easier to obtain import permission for new peptide bulk drugs.

Our experienced scientists and sales people work together to develop and promote new products and are committed to our customers' satisfaction. For quality, reliability and innovation you can trust, look no further than MITSUBA TRADING.

Handling products
1.IOI Oleo & Sasol products WITEPSOL , MIGLYOL , SOFTISAN , SOFTIGEN each series
2.Hormone materials Human Menopausal Gonadotrophine:HMG , Purified-HMG , Human Chorionic Gonadotrophine:HCG
3.Peptide materials Buserelin Acetate (endometriosis) , Nafarelin Acetate (endometriosis) , Fertirelin Acetate (ovulation accelerator for animals) , Luprorelin Acetate(premenopausal breast cancer) , Granirelix Acetate(premature ovulation suppressor) , Glucagon(hypoglycemia)
4.In vitro diagnostic
reagents materials
Rabbit Whole Blood , Anti human CRP rabbit serum , Anti human β2-microglobulin rabbit serum , Diagnostic antigen for Syphill's
5.APIs Acetaminophen , 5%-nitroglycerin ethanol solution , 2%-nitroglycerin glucose powder , Dalteparin Sodium , various Steroid , Tramadol hydrochloride
6.Others Cuno filters for pharmaceutical and cosmetics , Swine pituitary-gland extracts (Increasing material for animal breeding) , Lime powder for natural extracts
Bussiness connections in Japan
  • Permachem Asid Ltd.
  • Shin Nippon Yakugyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Sumitomo 3M limited
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