Mitsuba Trading Co., Ltd History
July.1965 The company was established with a capital of 2.5 million yen.
Nov.1967 A capital increase to 4 million yen.
Nov.1975 A capital increase to 6 million yen.
Nov.1976 A capital increase to 12 million yen.
Sep.1979 Mexico branch office was opened.
Apr.1990 Branch office was opened.
Nov.1994 A capital increase to 22.73 million yen.
Apr.1995 The Pharmaceutical Laboratory was completed.
Oct.2000 A capital increase to 45.472 million yen.
Apr. 2001 unified office in Nohara Build.
Aug. 2007 Tijuana factory in Mexico was opened.
Apr. 2010 100% subsidiary company of Watahan & Co., Ltd.
July.2015 The 50th anniversary of the founding.